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Michael Roberts wins 5280 Top Blogger award

5280 is out with its annual Top of the Town issue, and Michael Roberts -- the powerhouse behind the Latest Word -- has been named the town's Top Blogger.

He deserves the honor...and then some. He's made this blog the talk of the town.

Roberts, who came to Westword as music editor twenty years ago, transitioned to media columnist a decade ago -- and then, as the media he was covering changed, shifted to the web full-time, using this new media to cover not just the media, but everything else that has the town talking.

But don't take my word for it. Here's the 5280 award:

'Channel 31 stars go from anchors to skank-ers.' C'mon! For that headline alone, Westword blogger Michael Roberts is worth putting atop your bookmarks. Plus, the guy is consistently right where the story is, before most of the town even knows there is a story. His tone is conversationally appropriate, his instincts spot-on, his reporting impeccable, and he's never met a sacred cow that wasn't worth tipping -- even, at times, his own parent company, Village Voice Media.

Westword is lucky to have Roberts. But more important, Denver is lucky to have Roberts.