Denver's Guardian Angels find a new home

Sebastian Metz before and after his surgery.

Denver’s Guardian Angels chapter has a new home, after bouncing around central Denver for the past few years. The organization has moved to 2100 East 14th Avenue, at the corner of Vine Street. A former law office donated the building to the organization, which often relies on free space for volunteer training and lodging.

The Sewall Child Development Center, a nonprofit early intervention facility serving preschool kids with special needs, is located next door, at 1360 Vine. The agency plans to tear the building down in a year or two, says president and CEO Kathleen King, but the Angels will get to it until then.

"We are trying to be a good community player. Councilwoman Jeanne Robb actually connected us up, and we thought the building and neighborhood would be safer if they [the Angels] were there," King says, adding that the red beret-wearing group has cleared away vegetation around the building so that there is "nowhere to hide things and nowhere to hide" -- and that has already made it safer.

The Angels, who opened a chapter in Denver in 1993, have been struggling with membership and effectiveness since local leader Sebastian Metz underwent heart surgery in 2005 that resulted in several strokes. Metz, who is now involved with the Angels again despite his health problems, was profiled by Westword in May.– Jonathan Shikes