G.I. Jane Norton ready to kick some terrorist ass

Taking a cue from the Rambo fantasies of Gary Brooks Faulkner, U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton has revamped her website to suggest she's ready to bring us the head of Osama bin Laden.

And that of Barack Obama. And all those liberal milquetoasts in Washington who've sold us down the river in the War on Terror, which they now call "the Overseas Contingency Operation."

Norton, whose noxious rhetoric has established a new low in political discourse this election season, has outdone herself with the new video that opens her ominous homepage.

"First, they tried to close Guantanamo," Norton intones, as a clock ticks urgently somewhere in her head. "Then they said jihadists had the right to remain silent."

The rant goes on in that vein, right up to the point where Norton says, "The liberals in Washington seem to have forgotten..."

[Screen goes dark. Whining jet engine noise, shameless auditory evocation of hijacked planes crashing into World Trade Center.] "But we haven't."

No, of course we haven't. Which makes this cynical use of 9/11 among the worst political appeals ever, a classic case of fearmongering instead of ideas--right up there with the famous anti-Goldwater ad of 1964, suggesting that his election would result in a nuclear holocaust.

For the complete performance, see the video below.