In light of the recent medical marijuana victory, read about weed

Gotten enough marijuana (news) this week? No? Then you've come to the right place.

As reported in the Latest Word's extensive, twelve-hour live blog of Monday's packed Colorado Board of Health medical marijuana hearing, pot dispensaries in Colorado appear to be safe ... for the moment. The health board rejected a proposal that would have limited the number of patients that could be served by each caregiver -- including dispensaries -- to five. Some dispensaries currently serve up to 400 patients.

While trolling for medical marijuana-related stuff on the interwebs today, we came across a few things that seemed worth linking to. Without further ado:

A Sunday New York Times story about the debate over whether more-potent marijuana is leading to increased pot addiction.

A piece by's city hall examiner Lisa Jones about how Denver should grow weed at DIA to pay the bills. Mess with our weed fields and you'll have to answer to this. And you don't want to have to answer to this.