9/11 ten years later: What would big stories in Denver have been if the world hadn't changed?

The media coverage of the upcoming ten year anniversary of 9/11 has focused on the terrorist strikes and their aftermath. But what would the big stories in Denver have been if the attacks never happened?

Look below at the lost top ten from the day before the tragedy, and imagine September 11, 2001 if it had been just another day.

10. Aspen gets sexy. The Christian Science Monitor's Robert Struckman looked at a promotional campaign in Aspen meant to attract a younger generation of skiers to town. One ad featured a "sultry blond with mussed hair" leaning against a wall, hips forward, midriff bare, plus the slogan, "In Aspen, you might meet someone dynamic, exciting, attractive, athletic, witty, charismatic, and (in bigger letters) sexy."