Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Wake-Up Call: Be afraid, Joe Rogan. Be very afraid!

When we heard that Joe Rogan, the host of Fear Factor, had moved to town, we immediately started working on our list of the Ten Most Frightening Things About Life in Denver.

The fact that a DIA shuttle driver could be part of an international terrorist conspiracy came in at eleven. Because here in Colorado, we're more worried about those terrifying attacks by four-legged animals, pissed off that sprawling subdivisions have encroached on their territory. Our inclusion of Wildlife Attacks on our welcome-to-Denver list for Rogan (which leads off this week's Off Limits column) was confirmed by the news that a woman was attacked by a bull elk yesterday -- as she left her car to walk into her house in Evergreen. Yes, we know it's mating season, but while this kind of behavior may be commonplace among the cougars at Elway's, you don't expect it in your own driveway.

Be afraid, Joe Rogan. Be very afraid.