Stretching Out at the Rocky Mountain News

All too often these days, the memos at the Rocky Mountain News concern folks who've chosen to leave the paper or the entire journalism profession. However, a recent pair of notes reproduced below actually focus on more upbeat developments: promotions for folks such as Gil Rudawsky, who's been named Deputy City Editor, Janet Reeves, just handed the Senior Editor for Photography and Multimedia title, and Dean Krakel, the new Director of Photography.

Granted, the extra duties come along with the new responsibilities, as does resource-stretching. But the Rocky's looking to fill a few other positions, too. An ad sent out to individuals on a prominent journalism-school e-mail list also follows.

Here's the Rudawsky memo:

Everyone: We’re pleased to announce that Deputy Business Editor Gil Rudawsky is taking on the additional role of Deputy City Editor. Gil has shown a great talent for working with the presentation team to plan and execute sophisticated and engaging packages for the business section. His marching orders are to continue to do that – and add city desk planning and execution to his duties. He will fill in for Rob when Rob is gone, and will fill in for Eric in the future when Eric is gone. He will serve as the key liaison between Eric and Rob and Steve Miller on the presentation side. His main goal: Pull people together from business, city-side, presentation, photo, graphics, internet and multi-media to make things happen on a real-time basis. Gil will continue to sit in the business department, across from the city desk. And he will continue to work with business while assuming his additional duties. We think this is a great opportunity for Gil to expand his skills and contributions while improving our content in the paper and on the web site.

Next, the memo concerning Reeves and Krakel, sent out under the auspices of editor/publisher/president John Temple and managing editor Deb Goeken:

To the newsroom:

As we face the challenge of dramatically stepping up our multimedia efforts and preparing for the historic Democratic National Convention in Denver, we’re asking both Director of Photography Janet Reeves and Deputy Director Dean Krakel to assume new responsibilities. We believe these changes will enable us to take on new challenges and build on the high standards we’ve established in our photo department.

Janet will become Senior Editor for Photography and Multimedia. In that role, she will lead and develop a multi-level approach to video and audio, helping to drive traffic to our Web site. She will work not just with photo, but with all departments to facilitate and develop their multimedia efforts. We will be hiring an assistant multimedia editor to work with Janet. In her new role, Janet will continue to oversee the photo department, providing the vision and leadership that have established this newspaper as one of the nation’s best photo papers. Over the next few months, Janet will be focusing principally on planning for the convention and preparing our multimedia efforts to be ready to meet the challenge of that event.

Dean will become our Director of Photography, managing the day to day operations of the photo department and overseeing how photos are published in the newspaper and on our web site. Dean is a proven leader who has a solid track record of advocating for photography and storytelling in our newsroom. Going forward, he’ll work with all departments to help conceive and develop ideas for strong stories, whether they originate from the departments or from our photo staff.

Dean will be moving into Janet’s old office. Janet will be moving into the vacant office across from our Interactive department. We’ll be putting more video editing terminals in that area.

We’re delighted to have people of Janet and Dean’s caliber to take on these new responsibilities.

John and Deb

Finally, here's the aforementioned ad:

We want an aggressive police reporter to report and write breaking news stories, primarily for the Web as a beat assignment. This reporter will supplement coverage by other reporters on breaking news stories, write other local stories as assigned and follow local news developments and trends.

Job requirements: Four-year college degree or equivalent in work experience; minimum five years as reporter or editor on daily newspaper. Must have excellent command of English grammar, AP style and spelling; knowledge of news reporting and feature writing; and familiarity with the Rocky Mountain News and Must be able to juggle multiple stories and priorities, work well under pressure, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment. Must also be a self-starter and able to develop sources. Internet research, multi-media and database skills preferred.

Send cover letter, resume and clips to Eric Brown, city editor, 101 W. Colfax Ave., Suite 500, Denver, CO, 80202, or to [email protected] No phone calls please.

Items like this last one were once commonplace. Now, they seem unexpected -- but welcome surprises are certainly better than the other kind. -- Michael Roberts