Fred Diehl is suburban superhero Erie Reminder: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Erie Reminder Real name: Fred Diehl; Occupation: Town Spokesman; Suburb of Operations: Erie; Hair: Rolled gold; Eyes: Deep

Suburban superhero skills: Erie Reminder is a Detroit, Michigan transplant who possesses the superhuman capacity to think and talk at great speeds. The Motor City motormouth attributes his success to F.R.E.D., Facing Reality Every Day...

By facing reality every day, Erie Reminder's reaction time is about five times faster than the average Erie resident's. The speed at which his brain is able to process Board of Trustee ordinances is commensurate with his bodily speed, which enables him to update press releases and field all town inquiries while reminding residents on the importance of installing a carbon monoxide detector during a community center demonstration.

His cognitive and verbal capacities are many times more developed than normal human beings. He understands about 95 percent of what he sees and hears (average Erie residents understand about 25 percent). Erie Reminder's intelligence is so highly enhanced that his mind never gets fatigued. Rather, his brain constantly expels quips and witty rejoinders to stay sharp while making statements on behalf of the Town Administrator.

Erie Reminder has also used his accelerated mental powers for various artistic feats. He faced reality every day in 2009 by taking a daily snapshot. He draws, cooks, decorates and oddly excels at anything that helps to jog the memory.