Photos: Top ten worst dates in Denver

We've all been out on bad dates -- but what's the worst? That question was asked in a funny Denver Yelp thread a while back, and participants responded with some doozies. We've illustrated our favorites and compiled them into a bad date top (bottom?) ten list -- one with a surprise happy ending! Count them down below, and if you've had an even more painful experience, feel free to share it in the comments section. Number 10: The Force is strong with this one "Went out with a guy who claimed Darth Vadar stayed at his house once, then said that people thought he was a liar because of his extreme intelligence. He then stalked me for a while, but finally went away." Number 9: Puppy love "I was asked out for a date from this douche-bag that was in DU's construction management program. I remember he was upset because one of his roommates kicked his puppy in the face (WTF?) Long-story short, he admitted to me at the end of the date that he asked me out because he wanted "in" with my roommate; he really wanted to date her. Ouch. Of course, she had no interest, whatsover." Page down to continue our ten worst dates in Denver countdown.