Dave Theobald Maps the Future

Dave Theobald, profiled in this week's feature, "Mapping the Future of Urban Sprawl" has dedicated his professional life to charting and mapping development in Colorado. This state still has some wild places, but sprawl, natural resource development and recreation give growth an increasing upper hand in the Wildland/Urban Interface with each passing day.

This mapping project charts the status and trends of Colorado's protected places.

And this "sprawl site" is an amazing tool that can be used to check out sprawl by county.

Charting the Wildland/Urban Interface nationally has been a huge project on Theobald's plate, ad this hi-res map of the nation is incredibly useful in looking at areas where growth has entered the wild.

And this project, funded through the University of Colorado's Center of the American West, charts possible future scenarios of growth in the Western half of the United States, based meticulous research into growth and development trends.