Balloon Boy dad's balls bigger than his "experimental craft"

You knew Richard Heene had to have a helluva nerve (or severe brain damage) to even attempt to pull off his now-infamous October stunt -- insisting that his son, Falcon Heene, was inside an inflatable silver chef's hat that floated away from his Fort Collins home. But even the guilty pleas he and his wife, Mayumi, subsequently offered haven't dented his delusion that he can continue to buffalo the American public -- and he proves it in the clip above, taken from an interview with Larry King set to air on CNN Friday, during which he claims the whole Balloon Boy fiasco was real after all.

The highlight? The point at which Heene gets emotional, as if he's holding back tears -- some of the least believable acting this side of an Ed Wood movie, and just as unintentionally funny. This guy's still clinging to the hope that some network will give him and his clan a reality show: a dream that's pathetic yet oh so 2010.