Charles and Laura Clagett: Elderly Hugo couple murdered, teen relative person of interest

A couple in a small Colorado town are murdered and the gaze of the police settles on a boy too young to have his name publicly acknowledged at this stage of the investigation. Sound familiar? It should in light of the shocking deaths of Burlington's Charles and Marilyn Long, allegedly at the hands of their twelve-year-old son. But the latest case revolves around Hugo's Charles and Laura Clagett and a sixteen-year-old relative.

Lincoln County officials speaking at a press conference earlier today say that yesterday, the teen in question crashed the Clagett's truck, and a considerable amount of money was found inside it. The bodies of the Clagetts were found later.

Surprisingly, authorities haven't deemed the currently hospitalized teen a suspect yet -- just a person of interest. But they're reportedly keeping a close eye on him while awaiting autopsy results regarding the two latest homicide victims to hail from the sort of community where this sort of thing isn't supposed to happen.

Look below to see a 9News report about the case.

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