Derrick Martin, New England Patriot living in Aurora: Home invaded, family threatened

Derrick Martin's team, the New England Patriots, fell to the Baltimore Ravens in a brutal AFC Championship Game loss on Sunday -- but it's hardly the worst thing that happened to him and those he loves on that day. During the evening, the Aurora home of this Colorado native was invaded by two armed men, with his wife and three young children being held at gunpoint.

Martin's Wikipedia page notes that he was born in Westminster and played high school football (and basketball) for Thomas Jefferson High School before excelling on the gridiron for the University of Wyoming Cowboys. He was subsequently drafted by (irony alert) the Ravens, where he played for a couple of seasons before signing to the Green Bay Packers, the New York Giants and, finally, the Patriots, who cut him in August but brought him back into the fold this past October, during the squad's drive for the playoffs.

Despite his NFL journeys, Martin continues to make his home in the metro area; it's located near East Smoky Hill Road and E-470. And that's where his wife and three kids (they're ages four, three and one) were on Sunday evening when, according to 9News, two men armed with handguns busted inside.

A relative told the station that the youngest was in a high chair at the time of the invasion, and because of his youth, he didn't really register what was happening. However, the older pair saw everything that went down and were understandably frightened as the men pointed weapons at them and their mom.

At this point, the Aurora Police Department confirms that some valuable items were taken, while others were left behind. But officers are providing no specifics at this time about what was stolen, and they're not naming any suspects.

As for the timing, it hardly seems coincidental. Did the thieves assume that Martin's family would have traveled to the game, leaving the house empty, only to be surprised to find it occupied? We don't know yet, and unless the men are captured, we might not ever learn the truth.

Look below to see the 9News report about the crime.

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