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Reader: The free cab program is great -- until you try to find a taxi

Our hat's off to Denver attorney Michael Sawaya, whose law firm offered free taxi rides through the holiday season -- for the fourth year running! -- to drinkers who realize they shouldn't drive. There's just one roadblock to the project, as reveler blizzardo points out:

The problem on New Year's Eve is not paying for taxis, it's finding taxis. Westword should do a story about the city's attempts (if any) to alleviate this problem.

Blizzardo, it's more complicated than you might think: So far, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission has stymied attempts by one group of cabbies to start a new company -- and Denver officials have told the PUC that they don't think there's any shortage of taxis in this town (which means they've never tried to find a cab in LoDo at 2 a.m. on any weekend night -- and forget New Year's Eve).

Those were among the fascinating revelations in Joel Warner's recent Westword story about Denver's taxi jam, "Mean Streets."

How long did you wait for a cab on New Year's Eve? Tell us in the comments section below. We'll forward them to the PUC. And in the meantime, you can read more bad taxi stories here.