Ex-Rocky Mountain News business writer David Milstead headed north

After the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, business staffer David Milstead got involved with two high-profile attempts to create a for-profit online news organization that would help fill the journalistic gap: INDenver Times and the Rocky Mountain Independent. Unfortunately, INDenver Times fell well short of a subscription goal needed to fund the site's expansion, and RMI, though it's producing some worthy content, has yet to cause much of an online stir. Hence, Milstead is heading back to a traditional news outlet: The Globe and Mail in Toronto. An interview with Milstead about this move will appear in this space tomorrow. In the meantime, look below to read an e-mail in which he explains the basics.

I will be joining The Globe and Mail, Canada's Toronto-based national newspaper, as a reporter in its Report On Business section. I'll be doing something similar to what I did at the Rocky Mountain News -- specialty finance coverage. (No column, however.)

The Globe and Mail competes directly with The National Post, which describes itself as a national newspaper, but fails to distribute in some provinces and has suspended publication of its Monday paper. The Toronto Star and The Sun provide local news in the market.

I consider myself fortunate to find a full-time job with benefits with an excellent newspaper that has a serious commitment to business journalism. The Report On Business has about three dozen reporters; the day I interviewed, it was 20 broadsheet pages. All told, The Globe and Mail has more than 300 newsroom employees and circulates about 330,000 copies a day.

My first day will be Nov. 2.

I believed from the beginning that I would face the choice of leaving journalism or leaving Denver, and thought it more likely I'd leave journalism. I had prepared myself for that possibility, and am somewhat shocked to be heading right back into the newspaper business.

It was not our goal or preference to leave Denver, and we will miss all the wonderful people we've met in the last eight years. We will keep in touch.