Tim Tebow saves Christmas

Verily did Tim Tebow lift the forlorn Broncos on his broad shoulders and dump-off screen pass them over the worst pass defense in football. This win is hardly cause for a re-evaluation of the Broncos' historically awful season, but hey: they got the win after being down by 17 at the half. Story of Tebow's career.

The Chosen One's final stat line: 308 yards passing, 27 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns and an interception. Oh, and 110% effort, obviously.

The first half went about as expected. The defense looked like they'd spent the week doing pillow fight exercises and Tim Tebow played like a rookie. Which is totally fair. Eric Studesville must have given a hell of a speech at halftime (potential line: "WE HAVE A CHANCE TO NOT BE THE WORST TEAM IN FOOTBALL!") because after that this looked like a team you could support and not be manic-depressive at the same time.

Tebow definitely deserved his game ball, but let's remind everyone that Correll Buckhalter and Jabar Gaffney are equally deserving of credit for two of the QB's three best highlights. The Texan's defense should probably get an honorable mention on the third, a game-winning run to the promised land.

As noted, this win ensured the Broncos will not have the worst record in the NFL this year. That dubious honor goes to the Carolina Panthers, who will get the number one pick in next year's draft.

The Texans are not a good team, but they're better than the Broncos, so this win is overachievement for everyone involved. It's stupid to start making blanket predictions about the future based on garbage time games en route to the worst record in the division, but... could that be a light we see up there?

For now, enjoy this highlight reel until the NFL internet mafia yanks it.