Merrie Cristomas from the City of Denver

The City of Denver unveiled its new website this week, a Christmas present to the denizens of this fine town, and it certainly is snazzy.

New features include an online service center; free Google language translation; improved integration with social media; improved e-mail and subscription updates and many other features.

"We have worked hard to make this Web site easier to navigate and get business accomplished online," the site reads. "The redesign of the Web site is part of a broad strategic initiative by the City to make continuous improvements to customer service."

But not to spelling. Unfortunately, the city had to slash its spell-checking budget (haven't we all) as it has with every budget, and the new look certainly has its share of typos.

In the revolving banners at the top of the homepage, for instance, the city touts its sustainable living programs with the comment, "Help Denver become the most enviornmentally friendly city in the nation."

And the Economic Development blurb reads, "Learn about neighborhood redevelopoment, affordable housing, or how to grow your small business."

But since we don't want Santa Hickenlooper to put any more coal in our city-services stockings this year, or raise our trash fees any higher, we'll just wish the city a Merrie Cristomas!