Denver Moves wants your input on Denver's bike and pedestrian trails

Denver Moves will roll out a floor-sized aerial photograph of the city tonight at Bates & Hobart Park in an attempt to get community input on bike and pedestrian paths. Subsequently, everyone involved will have the chance to live out Godzilla-like fantasies of stomping around a miniature version of Denver.

According to Denver Moves, which is responsible for the city's non-vehicular transportation plan, the map is a great tool to get people to suggest places where bike and pedestrian improvements can be made by literally walking and drawing out their ideal paths on the map. (One could argue that it's also a great setting for mimicking a battle with Mothra over downtown.)

The suggestions will help decide which changes will be made in the future. Anyone interested it urged to come to the park, located at Bates Avenue and Hobart Way, starting at 6 p.m. This is the last public outreach session for the summer, though bike riders and path runners can also suggest improvements on a digital map at