Meth America

"Our data indicates that the rate of methamphetamine use has doubled in the last five years," Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said at the release of the first Methamphetamine Task Force Report yesterday.

And for the gay community, that estimate could be low. While meth use is soaring everywhere, it's really on the increase in the gay community, as I detailed last month in my cover story, "Of Meth and Men." Bob Dorshimer recognizes this. A member of a sub-task force for the Methamphetamine Task Force, which compiled the report, he's executive director of the Council, a fifty-year-old non-profit treatment, prevention and addiction-intervention agency based in Denver. The Council has taken the lead in fighting the meth epidemic in the gay community, implementing a treatment program specifically geared for gay men addicted to meth.

"Tina," as meth is known in the gay community, could get her ass kicked by the very same group she's been devastating. -- Luke Turf