Sean Griffin, Staci Griffin, Rob Montgomery dead at Boulder Stove & Flooring: Murder-suicide?

The three bodies found yesterday at Boulder Stove & Flooring have now been identified as co-owners Sean and Staci Griffin and Rob Montgomery. According to the Denver Post, Montgomery was the store's health-products specialist; he'd worked as a software specialist for two decades.

In an interview yesterday for the post linked above, City of Boulder spokeswoman Sarah Huntley declined to give much more than bare-bones information about the incident -- and indeed, the latest Boulder Police Department release (which excludes names of the dead) doesn't even confirm that cops on the scene recovered any weapons. But because the BPD continues to emphasize that personnel are not looking for a suspect, murder-suicide remains the likeliest scenario.

Look below to see photos of Staci Griffin and Rob Montgomery and read the BPD release:

Boulder Police Department release:

Police discover three bodies in business

Boulder police are investigating a crime involving three deceased people at the Boulder Stove & Flooring business in the 2800 block of 30th Street. The bodies were discovered at about 11:10 a.m. today by officers who were responding to a report of shots fired inside the business. No identities have been released at this time.

The business was open when officers arrived, and the front door was unlocked. All three bodies were located inside the building. Investigators are not releasing whether they recovered any weapons. No one was seen running or driving away from the building.

Police are speaking with people who heard the shots and working to contact employees of the business. Anyone who works at Boulder Stove & Flooring, as well as anyone who may have information about this crime, is asked to contact the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3333.

Detectives are in the very early stages of this investigation; however, based on information they have at this point in time, there is no indication of a greater public safety risk or a suspect at large. If this changes, the police department will notify the community as promptly as possible.