Dan Maes on Tom Tancredo's ultimatum: Hell no, I won't go

Shocking news: Dan Maes isn't accepting Tom Tancredo's ultimatum that he and embattled candidate Scott McInnis pledge to drop out of the governor's race if they're not ahead in the polls after the August 10 Republican primary. His statement describes the plan as "arrogant and absurd" -- Dick Wadhams uses harsher words, which Tancredo calls "bullshit" -- and implies that Tancredo is unfamiliar with bad press. Really? Read the release below:

Republican Designee Dan Maes Responds to Tancredo

Evergreen, CO, July 23, 2010 -- This morning Republican Designee for Governor, Dan Maes, responded to the July 22 ultimatum by ex-congressman Tom Tancredo which stated that Maes or his republican opponent, Scott McInnis, should step down from the race for Governor if they win the primary and are losing in the polls to John Hickenlooper. "This is an arrogant and absurd position for Tom to take but it is certainly his right to do so. I will not step down from this race at anytime, period." Maes declared. "Tom thinks I am unelectable because of some bad press. If he actually has the courage enough to step into the arena I suspect he to will get some bad press." Maes claimed. "I am proud to continue our campaign with the state assembly victory, and polls showing us competing head to head with Mayor Hickenlooper at our back." Maes concluded.