Susan Wick at RINO

Best known as a mover and shaker on various city-related committees and boards, Susan Wick -- developer Mickey Zeppelin’s longtime companion -- is also an artist. In this latter role she’s had some real successes, none greater than her solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver a few years ago.

She’s been influential to others as well, serving as a mentor and an inspiration to several people, notably Tracy Weil, owner of the eponymous, Weilworks (3611 Chestnut Place, 303-308-9345,, a major spot in the RINO art district where Wick’s latest solo, Interior Gardens by Susan Wick, is on view.

One of Wick’s signatures is the use of found and ready-made tile in expressive abstract mosaics; some will recall the eye-popping floors she did at the long-gone City Spirit bookstore in LoDo. But she’s also a painter who likes to do crude and somewhat childlike depictions of the human figure and other recognizable things such as plants. Both types of work are included in this exhibit. Of particular interest are the mosaics (pictured) placed on the floor and surrounded by gauzy draperies hung from the ceiling.

There’s no question that this show reveals both Wick’s ambition and her laudable work ethic since there’s no shortage of major pieces on display here. Interior Gardens gets underway at a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight, June 6 at Weilworks. -- Michael Paglia