Boulder High senior camping trip: Ambulances, an arrest and alcohol aplenty

Boulder High School seniors hold an annual camping trip near the end of the school year -- but judging by its take on this week's edition, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office wishes the tradition would end.

This year's location: Gordon Gulch. The time: Wednesday night, when the weather wasn't exactly fair. So the BCSO sent a slew of deputies to oversee the festivities, and they were needed. Before the night was over, three over-drunk revelers had to be taken to the hospital, another trio were shipped to the county's alcohol-recovery center, and a juvenile girl was busted for third-degree assault. As a bonus, the next morning, deputies had to help remove more than forty cars stuck in the mire.

Good times -- for most of the people not in uniform. Check out the complete BCSO take below:

Boulder High School Senior Campout

Case #10-2155

[Wednesday] night at approximately 5:45 p.m., Sheriff's deputies received information that members of the senior class from Boulder High School would be holding a campout in the mountains west of Boulder. Deputies from the Sheriff's Office responded to the area of Gordon Gulch, located on Hwy 72 between Nederland and Ward, and located approximately 200 students camping in the area. Because of the number of students and the inclement weather conditions deputies remained on scene overnight to maintain order and provide medical assistance.

Initially, deputies patrolled the campground making sure the students were prepared for the snowy conditions that were moving into the area. When the deputies encountered students possessing alcohol they made them pour it out. Soon the roads at the campground deteriorated because of the snow and rain and deputies had to tow vehicles that were blocking the road and access to the campground.

Later in the evening teams of deputies conducted foot patrol in the campground and were accompanied by Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics because of the medical problems that were occurring because of the student's use of alcohol. Three students were transported by ambulance to Boulder Community Hospital because of medical problems associated with the over consumption of alcoholic beverages. Three other were transported to the Alcohol Recovery Center. One student was arrested for Third Degree Assault and released to her parents.

[Thursday] morning additional deputies were sent to the campground to assist students leaving the area. A tow truck was requested to assist with the 40-50 cars that had become stuck. The Sheriff's Office is recording those needing assistance from the tow truck and will bill them later.