Don't expect a Mike Rosen-David Sirota debate sequel

In April, KOA conservative Mike Rosen and AM 760 liberal David Sirota participated in a debate of President Barack Obama's first hundred days in office that was simulcast on both stations. And while those with ideological axes to grind disagreed about who won, the general consensus was that Sirota cleaned Rosen's clock. Click to hear their faceoff and decide for yourself -- since the two probably won't be going head-to-head again anytime soon.

Not that Rosen has suddenly declared a truce. In recent days, he's gone after Sirota by name on a number of occasions. But when contacted via e-mail by a listener who asked when he might consider a future debate on AM 760, Rosen replied, "On 760? Probably never. I have no interest in their audience."

That leaves open the possibility of Rosen and Sirota sparring on KOA, where Rosen would have home-court advantage. But if the ring is neutral, as it was during the first simulcast, it appears Rosen isn't eager to climb into it.