Things to Do

Day Five: Wherein I Rearrange My Furniture And Rest My Bones On It

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Friday: And on the fifth day he rested. A lot of us don’t work five days a week. At nine to 10 hours a day you don’t really have to. Those of us with days off spend it pursuing our other ambitions: Music, art, shopping, beer whatever. Sometimes it’s just a day to get the bills paid and your laundry done.

It has partially to do with the physical pain of working a full five-day week too. I’m not going to lie in declaration of my immortality. Even being in the shape that I’m in, at the end of the week my body is wrecked. My back aches and I swear there is a mark where my bag has embedded itself into my skin. But through all that I feel good. I get the type of exercise that most people have to set aside their weekend for, I eat well, I’m strong – and I have one of the most hilarious farmer’s tans this side of Mississippi.

I spend most of my morning keeping with my original routine, up at seven, coffee, shower, online news.,, New York Times. Eventually it sets in that I don’t have to radio in to work and I turn up Coltrane’s Ascension real loud and rearrange furniture. If you ever need to rearrange furniture in your house, or if you’re just moving in, I’m convinced that putting on a copy of Ascension is the best way to ensure that your house will have the look and feel of a comfortable home. The chaos of the music removes the chaos from your head and allows you to lay out your furniture in the most effective way possible.

After that I get to organizing a set for a show I’m playing in a few weeks and to write a slew of articles with impending due dates. Friday is the the day that let’s me pretend like I’ve done something with my degree. -- Thorin Klosowski

Thorin Klosowski is a bike messenger here in Denver. This week he's been kind enough to give us a look at his weekdaily life.