Brandon Marshall's destination, Brady Quinn's impending flop make Top 10 best NFL draft storylines list

Colorado is all over the Big Lead's "2010 NFL Draft: Ten Best Storylines With Less Than Two Weeks To Go."

Brandon Marshall's destination turns up at number ten, with writer BigBrainOnBrett arguing that BM "could make the right team substantially more dangerous, and possibly push a B-level team to the fringes of conference title contention." In the number two item, about the value of Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen, he denigrates the pro potential of pretty much every ND hurler in recent decades except Joe Montana -- especially Brady Quinn, by way of the line, "Yes, he's a flop and he will be in Denver, too." And in blurb number four, he touts the talent of potential Big 12 draftees via the YouTube clip of CU's Dan Hawkins ranting about how anyone not ready to work hard enough should go play intermurals, brother.

Of course, none of the Big 12's top quartet -- Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Russell Okung and the dominant Ndamukong Suh -- went to Colorado. But at least Hawkins is good for some comic relief.