Photos: Sniagrab tents finally show up -- but is anyone home?

Last year, the tradition of camping out at the Sports Castle on Broadway before Sniagrab, the annual pre-skiing-season sale at Sports Authority, seemed in danger of extinction due to the urban-camping ban. Sports Authority had to get a special permit from the city to make it happen, albeit for a lot fewer days than in 2011, when the line started a week and a half early.

Looks like that's happening again. Tents have finally shown up, but moments ago, no one was home. Or maybe they weren't in any condition to talk.

A Westworder noticed a lone tent show up yesterday at the Sports Castle, across the street from our offices. Now, there are several, with a couple more laid out but not yet erected.

Given that you can't exactly knock on a tent, I tried some friendly hellos. But I didn't receive a response or hear rustling from anyone taking cover inside. Did Sports Authority employees put up the tents to make it seem as if people are eagerly waiting for the start of Sniagrab, scheduled for 8 a.m. August 31 -- Saturday morning? Well, there were a couple signs of actual tent occupation, including a notebook and markers available for writing up wish lists.... ...and a scrawled tribute to a certain mountain town on the tent closest to the entrance: If this Crested Butte lover actually exists, he's got a prime spot. Now, all he's got to do is make it through the next three days.

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