Basebrawl: Spreading the Giant-sized pain

I've been waiting for the deluded denizens at SF Weekly, our sister paper, to start crowing about the Rockies' dispiriting performance over the past couple days, when they dropped two at home to the friggin' San Diego Padres. (Note: From this point on, Franklin Morales' pitch count should be one. If his first throw isn't the most astonishing strike ever hurled, his ass should be re-introduced to the bench until his contract expires.) Instead, yesterday evening, the paper published "Will Colorado Rockies' Success Bring About the Apocalypse?," in which it recycled the blather about the Rocks being the most Christian team in baseball. Of course, these jibes were inspired by three-year-old stories from the period when a certain Clint Hurdle was manager - and in case you hadn't noticed, Colorado cleared that Hurdle months ago. The guy in charge of the team now is Jim Tracy, who may be a nice Christian guy, too, for all we know - and if he is, he needs to pray harder. Jesus Christ helped the Broncos beat the Cincinnati Bengals at the start of the NFL season, so at least he knows the neighborhood.

As for the Giants, it may be sell-your-soul to Satan time given what happened to them last night.

The Bay boys had a 2-1 lead over the Cubs at home in the ninth inning when Jeff Baker hit a two-run shot to keep SF four games back. The result: The Giants are now in third place in the wild card race, behind both the Rockies and the Atlanta Braves, who no one outside of Georgia has paid the slightest mind since Bobby Cox celebrated his 200th anniversary as manager. Sure as hell wish the A-team wasn't playing the Washington Nats tonight, though...

True, the Rockies' pair of losses to the Padres were scarier than the original Halloween, which is referenced in another SF Weekly blog. But at this point, the Rockies are in the Jamie Lee Curtis role:

Meanwhile, the Giants are looking more and more like P.J. Soles, who portrayed Lynda, one of Michael Myers' more vividly dispatched victims:

And Lynda's boyfriend, played by John Michael Graham, was also offed?

Seems to me he looks a little like Chipper Jones.