There and (Not) Back Again: By Frontier

Woe is the traveler this summer who flies for business or pleasure. As gas prices have gone through the roof, the airlines have responded by taking it out on passengers, raising ticket prices, adding fees for checked bags, canceling routes and charging for food.

As a result, Westword decided to begin Part 2 of a contest we first ran eight years ago asking people to describe how United Airlines in particular had ruined their summer vacations. This time, we expanded our target to the entire airline industry.

Have a complaint? A horror story like this one? Still trying to reclaim lost baggage, missing vouchers or lost dignity? If so, e-mail us at [email protected] or post your thoughts here. The best bad tale wins a free trip -- on Amtrak.

But first, read the submission below. -- Jonathan Shikes

My trip April 24th to Tampa to visit my Grandmother was fine, but the return trip, April 28th, was nonexistent. We arrived at the airport two hours ahead of the flight only to find the Frontier counter empty and no Frontier employees anywhere.

It felt like some sort of awful trick or practical joke that might involve cameras coming out a few minutes later. The Continental agent in the next booth mentioned they had cancelled all flights. Despite entering my e-mail when buying the tickets to get updates about my flights, I was never notified of my return leg being cancelled.

Since my trip out was a joint Frontier/United trip, I was able through the kindness of a United agent get a flight back that evening. But dropping flights and not notifying customers is the kind of service that loses my business forever.