Street sweeping reminders: Avoid yellow tickets all summer long

April's here, which mean the snow is melting, the grass is growing -- and the dreaded city street sweepers are back trolling the streets, leaving in their wake a trail of yellow parking tickets on the windshields of all those cars that weren't moved out of the way when they were supposed to.

For the past few years, Denver residents could sign up for monthly reminders to move their car before that happened through, a service that partnered with Denver's Department of Public Works. But late last year that website went kaput after it was compromised by techno-baddies. So the city department took matters into their own hands, coming up with their own version of the service on

Just head over to the site, click on the "Show Your Pride, More Your Ride," sweeper icon, and enter the day of the week your street sweeping occurs. That's it -- no forms to fill out, no fees. Then, the day before the street sweeper comes calling, you'll get a helpful e-mail telling you to move your ride.

Want such reminders on the go? That could soon be possible courtesy of Danny Newman, the techno-scenester who recently weighed in on his favorite local things in our 2010 Best of Denver issue. Newman says he's developing a free service that will send text street-sweeping warnings to people's cell phones. As that program comes online, we'll be sure to let you know.

With options like this, that infernal street sweeper will be silently cursing you all summer long for not giving him the opportunity to wallpaper your car with his evil yellow tickets.