The blog shortcut, January 28 edition

Hungry yet?

Today in Cafe Society:Fox restaurants offering crafty deals for winter meals. • Mozart Bar gets ready for Mozart -- or some piano player. • Snarf's sub shop opening on Capitol Hill. • More proof that Democrats will buy anything Obama-related. • Macaroni Grill closing in Cherry Creek. • Good news for GoodBelly, if you can stomach it.

Today in Backbeat Online:The Heyday: cheap just got cheaper!Talking during show: the musicians' perspective. • Holy crap! Check out the mane on Dave Beegle. • Nemesys in the studio, film at eleven. • You're listening to the sound of heartbreak.

Today in The Latest Word:Leaked letter reveals deep problems at Denver Post, Denver Newspaper Agency. • Could proposed Colorado law to ban plastic bags actually end up hurting the environment?New Life Church shooting victim speaks out prior to Ted Haggard's media tour. • Update: No delay in analog-to-digital conversion -- or in problems for some Denver viewers. • Frontier's economic-stimulus deal's a real cockpit tease. I think there's a dirty joke in that last headline, but I'll be damned if I know where...