Tim Tebow becomes biggest Tebowing promoter on his Twitter account (PHOTOS)

There are still plenty of people who doubt Tim Tebow's QB skills -- but no one should downgrade his ability to pimp, albeit in a vigorously wholesome way. Shortly after the launch of a website devoted to Tebowing -- striking Timmy's trademark prayerful pose of thanks -- the man himself jumped on the bandwagon, using his Twitter account to promote the trend.

Here's his first tweet on the subject:

#Tebowing - to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. Love it!
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His endorsement was quickly followed by this:

jdawgnorris98Joey Norris
in reply to @jdawgnorris98

My favorite one of the day is from @jdawgnorris98 Praying for you and God bless you big man!

Not that The Chosen One will only tout photos of those battling life-threatening maladies, as demonstrated by this post:

And as for this one from @MillerLite40 you know that jersey is too big for you bro haha

If you couldn't tell, that's super-rookie Von Miller modeling Tebow's own jersey. The subject came up in yesterday's 104.3/The Fan conversation with Jared Kleinstein, the man behind Tebowing. To listen to the segment, click here.

Other sports outfits getting in on the Tebowing trend, too? How about your Colorado Rapids, as witnessed by this recently tweeted photo:

Of course, there's more to the Tebow hype than just modified genuflections. He's also the cover boy on ESPN The Magazine's latest edition.

The material with which writer Tim Keown has to work isn't exactly fresh, due in part to the amount of airtime ESPN has devoted to gilding Tebow's lily, as it were. But he does his best, in passages like this one: "When the man in waiting is one of the most famous and revered athletes of our time, the result is nothing short of a cultural earthquake. In his time as the Broncos' backup, the young man who appeared with his mother in a 'Miracle Baby' Super Bowl commercial, who did missionary work assisting infant circumcisions in the Philippines, has become a messiah within a messiah. Tebow was the immortal college quarterback at Florida -- a winning, raging, crying, hard-charging, promise-making, speech-giving and Bible-verse-wearing force of nature who forever changed the image of the homeschooled."

Will this hoopla die down if the Broncos get their ass kicked by the Detroit Lions this weekend? Probably not -- because even if they do, there are an enormous number of Tebow fans out there praying that he'll have multiple chances to take a knee the following week.

Look below to see an ESPN segment recorded after Tebow's second-half play versus the San Diego Chargers, with commentary by former CU hurler Kordell "Slash" Stewart, to whom he is frequently compared.

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