The blog shortcut, February 3 edition

It's the fiftieth anniversary of the day the music died. But don't blame us.

Today in Backbeat Online:Herman Gauche delights and disgusts equally. • Jim Dalton joins Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. • Good morning, America. Today's the Fray.

Today in Cafe Society:Are you the best teen chef?The Ace-Hi Tavern, Golden's lovable s*#thole, gets a facelift -- and pizza!

Today in The Latest Word:"Ramsey Mountain News" farms out JonBenét coverage. • Where have you gone, Sunshine Megatron?Who wants to go in with me on a tricked-out Hummer? Anyone?Will more car dealers advertise on YouTube instead of buying expensive TV commercials?No justice for Van Cise? That's a lot of questions -- and at least a few answers.