Twitter Tuesday: Space station, sex advice, slanket

Back again with more great Twits to follow for your burgeoning Twitter feed. As always, follow us at @denverwestword, @cafewestword, @westword_music and @casciato.

@satsight: Growing up obsessed with space travel led directly to my current fascination with the ongoing march of technology. The collision of these things makes me all warm-and-nerdy -- so as soon as I saw there was a Twitter feed to notify me about flyovers of Denver (and other cities, too) by the International Space Station and the space shuttle, I got a little excited, even though I realize I'll never be able to take that vacation on Mars I yearned for as a kid. Oh well, at least I can stare longingly as the ISS flies overhead -- and pass along to my nephews a nerd longing for the final frontier.

@DearRedhead: Denver's resident sex advice columnist! She writes for, tweets all kind of saucy and hilarious stuff and will help you get over your fear of sex toys and/or girls. Funny, irreverent and a real firecracker. Man, I love redheads.

@Slanket: Look, it's a blanket, with sleeves. And it tweets. Plus, it's about to get cold again -- damn cold if the cool summer was any indication -- and I still can't afford to heat my house. So I am all about the Slanket. Now I just need to scrape up the cash to afford one.