Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Gone, Not Forgotten

Within hours of the death of Darrent Williams, an imprompu shrine sprang up where the Denver Bronco had been shot, with fans leaving candles, notes, flowers, teddy bears, an empty can of Bud Light and jerseys -- including one tattered orange Bronco shirt accompanied by this note: "This is my old lucky shirt, retired for you" -- in memory of number 27.

Although such memorials on public property are technically illegal, the city had promised that this shrine would stay up unless and until it became a hazard to public safety -- which didn't seem likely, since it was set up on a parkway at 11th and Speer, out of the major traffic flow. But sometime over the weekend, the shrine disappeared.

Gone are the candles, the stuffed animals, the heartfelt notes and that lucky jersey. All that remains is a bunch of flowers frozen into the snow at the base of a nearby tree.

Meanwhile, the search for Williams' killer continues. -- Patricia Calhoun