Sunday Morning, 10 A.M. -- Time for Vodka

When history is written, it will be said that alcohol sales finally became legal in the Colorado on July 6, 2008, ending what has been one of the most annoying prohibitions ever.

But between the lines of the textbook in which these facts are documented, careful readers will note that I, Jonathan Shikes, became the very first person to buy alcohol on a Sunday at Colorado Liquor Mart (865 South Colorado Boulevard) at 10:01 a.m. (according to my receipt, which I am going to sell on eBay shorting after I finish writing this).

It was a glorious feeling.

Sure, the sales people were a bit grumpy, as they have been a liquor stores all over the state for the past few weeks. Sure they were a tad groggy, forgetting to unlock the exit door, struggling with their cash registers in the empty store.

But the economic engine that is booze couldn’t be stopped.

What did I buy? Absolut Mandarin, of course. Well, I don’t know why exactly I ended up with Absolut Mandarin. I have never bought it before, never ordered a drink with this particular flavored vodka in it (that I know of). I’m not even sure what I will make with this bottle of liquor. Maybe I was flustered by the momentousness of the moment.

It doesn’t matter. I bought it because I could. Cheers. – Jonathan Shikes