Michelle Malkin tells Sean Hannity Democratic HQ window-smashing is a "teachable moment"

The instant it became clear that Maurice Schwenkler, busted for smashing windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters earlier this week, was a far-left radical, not a right-wing healthcare-reform opponent, Republicans began to salivate, and that makes perfect sense. After all, Schwenkler, also known as Ariel Attack, unwittingly handed conservatives a wonderful gift, which they're taking great pleasure unwrapping on Fox News. Last night, Sean Hannity and Colorado-based Michelle Malkin reacted with shock and dismay at initial assumptions about who did what, with Malkin declaring, "This is a teachable moment in Democrats' intellectual honesty." And this morning, Colorado Republic Party chieftain Dick Wadhams got the opportunity to beat the same drum on the network, demanding that top Colorado Dem Pat Waak "apologize to all of the Americans who legitimately oppose this plan from President Obama."

One Attack begets another. To watch the Hannity-Malkin exchange, click "Continue."