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Reader: Courtney Bowles was a good teacher, and I was gobsmacked by charges against her

The responses to our item about Mountain View High School teacher Courtney Bowles, found naked with a student, have mostly stopped shy of castigating her -- something that may surprise many readers. Also posted: an observation about Bowles by someone who knew her as a very different kind of person than the one described in news reports.

Sierra writes:

I knew Ms. Bowles several years ago, and I am absolutely gobsmacked by this whole thing. She was always an extremely level-headed, professional woman, on her way up and out. I was certain that the information posted was incorrect, but it appears, at least initially, that I was wrong. While the legal consequences will be severe and justified if an assault did take place, I cannot help but feel badly for the bright young woman I knew years ago who was, believe it or not, a very good teacher.

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