Colorado Rockies' mission: Sweep Cincy

The Colorado Rockies' 4-3 victory against the Cincinnati Reds yesterday, thanks to a timely solo shot by Ian Stewart, means the club has won five of the first six games during its ongoing homestand, thereby taking advantage of their extremely favorable September schedule's first phase. But despite this excellent run, the Rocks have only gained two games on the San Francisco Giants in the race for the National League wild card -- and if they don't overcome a minor injury to Troy Tulowitzki and sweep the Reds, they actually risk giving back ground, since the Giants' next two contests find them facing the not-quite-formidable San Diego Padres. Luckily, the Rockies take on the Padres next, in SoCal, while the Giants go up against the Los Angeles Dodgers in L.A. Hence, Rockies fans who have accepted the reality that the Colorado crew won't be winning the National League West (which they won't), will find themselves in the uncomfortable position of rooting for the Dodgers this weekend.

You don't have to love L.A. Just like it for a few days.