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Reader: Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential hopeful, could force Obama to change pot policy

Last week, we explored a theory that the ballot presence of Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, could hurt Barack Obama in Colorado by boosting pro-weed legalization Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. One prominent advocate thinks this prospect could cause Obama administration movement on the issue.

waywardwon writes:

PICTURE THIS SCENARIO ...We bust butt and get Gary Johnson & Jim Gray on the Colorado Presidnetial Ballot then just maybe just maybe The Prez who holds Colorado like a prized oyster bearing a pearl now just maybe just maybe because the Johnson/Gray contingency holds 6% of the electorate here in Colorado but they are not on the ballot (YET) so just maybe just maybe The Prez out of fear of having his oyster snatched might get bold and get some CANNASENSE and just maybe just maybe KIDZ WE CAN BE THE GRAIN OF SAND IRRITATING THE OYSTER!

Peace, Pot, Politics

Wayward Bill Chengelis

Chairman, US Marijuana Party

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