Lee Grace Dougherty & Dougherty gang: 76 counts, 16 for attempted murder (VIDEOS)

Update: The bank-robbing, car-chase-leading Dougherty gang has not yet been charged with a pair of carjackings in Utah prior to their capture earlier this month. But the trio don't want for accusations. A cumulative 76 charges were leveled against Internet skin pic sensation Lee Grace Dougherty and her siblings yesterday, including a cumulative sixteen attempted-murder beefs. [jump] The tally in regard to the wild, lead-slinging, car-flipping Southern Colorado chase in the wake of bank robbery and other allegations in Florida and Georgia? According to the Pueblo Chieftain, Lee Grace racked up 29 -- five counts for attempted murder, thirteen for violent crime, eight for assault, one for aggravated car theft, one for theft by receiving, and one related to bogus license plates.

Ryan Dougherty, Lee Grace's brother, places second with 24 complaints -- five for attempted murder, ten for violent crime, five for assault, and one apiece for car theft, theft by receiving, altering license plates and eluding a county vehicle.

And Dylan Dougherty Stanley, Lee Grace and Ryan's half-brother, trails the field with 23 -- but he does have the most attempted murder complaints, with six. Add to that nine beefs for a crime of violence, five for assault, and one apiece for car theft, theft by receiving and fiddling about with a license plate.

The charges came down in Huerfano County, not Pueblo County; a debate over where shots were initially fired delayed the formal announcement of allegations. Future hearings are expected to be scheduled later this week. Meanwhile, the blogosphere continues to speculate about the possibility of a Dougherty gang movie. Click here to check out one scribe's dream cast -- and look below for our previous coverage.

Update, 7:51 a.m. August 22: Didn't think the bank-robbing, car-chase-leading Dougherty gang -- ex-stripper Lee Grace Dougherty, brother Ryan Dougherty and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley -- could get into more trouble? Think again. Now, authorities in Utah believe the two boys and Lee Grace, whose skanky skin pics have made her an Internet sensation, may have tried their hand at carjacking before being nabbed in Southern Colorado earlier this month.

As we've reported, Ryan had racked up fourteen felony arrests prior to his latest crime spree, while Lee Grace registered five. On her Flickr profile, the source of bikini shots on view below, she declared that she loved to "shoot guys and wreck cars," not to mention "causing mayhem with my siblings." She called herself "redneck and proud of it." All of this made Dylan a relative angel by comparison -- although not anymore.

Authorities believe the Doughertys' latest batch of law-breaking was precipitated by Ryan being required to register as a sex offender -- for sending explicit text messages to an eleven-year-old girl. That would have put a crimp in his ability to see his own child, expected in January via a woman who calls herself Allie O'Love. Here she is with Ryan:

The trio got law enforcement's attention on August 2, prompting a bullet-filled police pursuit near Zephyrhills, Florida on August 2, followed by a bank robbery in Valdosta, Georgia a few hours later. Then they headed west, and on August 9, they were reportedly seen buying a tent at a Colorado Springs REI. The next morning, they were eyeballed again, heading south in a white Subaru. This precipitated another chase, at speeds that exceeded 100 miles per hour. It ended when cops put out stop sticks that caused the Subaru to flip a guardrail.

Lee Grace is said to have hopped out of the vehicle and pointed an automatic weapon at the cops -- at which point they shot her in the leg. The three were quickly rounded up and have made their first court appearances in Colorado. But at this point, no charges have been leveled because there's a debate about which jurisdiction should lower the boom.

In the meantime, however, the Provo Daily Record reports that the Doughertys are thought to have been involved in a couple of carjackings near the Utah community of Pleasant Grove before being cuffed in Colorado.

The first took place when a man approached the driver of a thus-far unidentified vehicle and took it at gunpoint. The car was later found abandoned -- and while a second carjacking attempt was unsuccessful, it provided the information which points toward the Doughertys. Turns out the wannabe carjacker was picked up by what witnesses describe as a white Subaru.

How many lifetimes will these three be faced with serving? Contemplate that question while you check out our previous coverage below.

Update, 8:41 a.m. August 16: Yesterday, members of the Dougherty gang, who were nabbed in Southern Colorado following a car-flipping police pursuit, were supposed to be advised of the charges against them. Instead, the trio, including ex-stripper and Internet skin-pic model Lee Grace Dougherty, seen enjoying herself here, must now wait a couple of weeks to find out which county will prosecute them.

According to the Pueblo Chieftain, the rub involves the question of where, exactly, the Doughertys -- Lee Grace, plus brother Ryan and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley -- began shooting at officers behind them.

The trio were trying to escape from law enforcers from the Pueblo County Sheriff's office and the Colorado State Patrol. But the Chieftain quotes an arrest affidavit that suggests bullets didn't begin to fly until after the Doughertys had crossed into Huerfano County.

While that gets sorted out, Ryan's defense attorney says his client hasn't received proper treatment for a concussion he suffered during the crash that ended the chase. An injury for Ryan, the alleged driver, makes sense; stop sticks caused the Subaru he and his siblings were in to tumble over a guardrail.

As for Lee Grace, she was shot in the leg after ditching the Subaru and pointing a machine pistol at officers -- an image that could well wind up on a movie poster someday.

Look below to see a video about the latest developments from Georgia's WALB-TV, followed by our earlier items -- including those notorious photos from Lee Grace Dougherty's Flickr account.

Original item, 8:43 a.m. August 15: Lee Grace Dougherty, one third of the Dougherty gang, which was captured after a wild chase in southeastern Colorado last Wednesday, is due back in court today. And thus far, she seems to be reveling in the attention she's getting in relation to a cross-country crime spree involving brother Ryan and half-brother Dylan -- no surprise given the exhibitionist nature shown by the flirty, fleshy photos on her Flickr account and elsewhere.

Lee was caught laughing during the Doughertys' initial court appearance last Thursday -- this despite taking a bullet while attempting to escape the previous day. Not that she's complaining. Reports say she told officers, "I deserved to get shot" for pointing a weapon at cops after the Subaru they were driving flipped over a guardrail. She also insisted that "we weren't trying to hurt anyone" by shooting at officers in pursuit: "We only wanted them to back off."

Not that Lee is entirely remorse-free. Her fiance, Brendan Bookman, says she called him from jail and said, "Your girlfriend really messed up. Why'd you let me do this?"

In the meantime, information continues to surface about the Dougertys' survivalist bent, including what's been described as "an underground, homemade bunker that they used to house a mini-flotilla of ammunitions and also possibly used to 'grow drugs.'"

These kinds of details have led no less a Hollywood observer than Perez Hilton to write, "We can only imagine how many studios are probably ALREADY trying to acquire the rights to turn this into a movie."

Look below to see two videos -- the first from ABC Action News in Florida, the second from CBS News. That's followed by our roundup of busty screen captures from Lee's Flickr account, complete with comments from visitors, followed by a glimpse of NSFW nude shots obtained by TMZ.

Sample comment: "Damn, such a hottie .. I hope you never get caught! Run for Mexico sexy!" Photos continue on the next page.