Colfax Streetcar line gets support from business community -- plus cocaine dispensaries?: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

The re-introduction of streetcars is guaranteed to reduce automobile congestion and invigorate redevelopment on East Colfax Avenue! Especially if the project is built as a public/private partnership that includes the use of these seven "hopper" trolleys that promote Colfax businesses... In addition to announcing street names, the driver of each of the "Bar Hopper" tolleys will also call out the names (and drink specials) of sponsoring bars and clubs along the route. The driver of the "Table Hopper" will identify restaurants, and as seen in the illustration above, medical marijuana (and eventually cocaine) dispensaries will be announced on the "4-Mile-High Hopper." More below: The driver of the "Shop Hopper" will call out the names of dry goods and sundry retail establishments, while the tattoo shops, massage parlors and hair salons will be announced on the "Skin and Hair Hopper." Colfax Avenue's many temporary employment agencies will be announced on the "Job Hopper." And, by the time that the Colfax streecar line is fully built out (in 2022), medical prostitution providers will be legal and identified by the driver on the "Bed Hopper," as seen below.

Denver city planners want to hear your suggestions at the next Colfax Steetcar Feasibility Study workshop on Thursday, March 18, 2010 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Molly Blank Conference Center, National Jewish Hospital, 3800 East Colfax Avenue.