Monday Hang Over: Rock, Jazz, Football

Your weekend may have been great. But, whether it was a lazy celebration of comfortable couch time or an action-packed journey deep into the heart of consumer-debt darkness at the mall, you missed out if you missed either of these two shows:

On Friday, Westworder Jeremy Brashaw stepped a few feet off Colfax and was transported back in time 15 years when he caught Hate Fuck Trio (amusing), Awesome Color (irrelevant), and Dinosaur Jr. (essential, still, surprisingly) at the Ogden Theatre. His review of the evening's rock festivities, drenched in nostalgia, can and should be read here.

And on Saturday, Jon Solomon fell into the swoon of things as jazz masters Kneebody swung his soul into turmoil with a groove he is still humming today. Catch the vicarious fever with this review.

And if that weren't enough to get you going, we've got a real treat for you this week, Denver. Broncos tight end Nate Jackson may be on the injured reserve list, but he's cracked his metacarpals and set himself to work on journaling the week in the life of an NFL player for us. Read the hilarious first installment here.

Please enjoy responsibly.