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Reader: Remembering strip club film shoot with exotic dancers... and Tom Bosley as a priest?

Our piece yesterday remembering the late Tom Bosley's time in Denver shooting Father Dowling Mysteries prompted a great anecdote from one of our readers. He recalls appearing in a particularly unlikely scene, in which Bosley, as a priest who specialized in solving murders, found himself in the company of some particularly voluptuous sinners.

Here's the comment from Ken:

I was an extra in the episode that was filmed at the Mile High Saloon, now the Penthouse Club. Lots of the strippers were also extras, and the after hours parties that week were pretty darn good. Bahama Bob knew how to take care of his people. Bosley was a down to earth guy with a great sense of humor, and the others in the cast were very cool as well.

Nice going, Mr. C.

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