Marijuana: Amendment 64 working groups prepare permanent regulations

Due to a time crunch, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Department of Revenue (DOR) released emergency rules for the retail marijuana industry on July 1, leaving the permanent regulations to be developed throughout the summer. Immediately after the rules were released, the state allowed members of the public and local authorities to apply for positions in stakeholder working groups, which would help form permanent regulations.

The working groups met last week and will be assembling again in the coming days and over the next couple of weeks in preparation for formal hearings the week of August 19. The groups each contain about ten-to-fifteen individuals with a range of backgrounds, including DOR, MED or Division of Gaming staffers, cannabis business owners and marijuana activists. The meetings are open to the public and each are assigned to consider a specific area of regulation:

Here's the schedule:

"They are making subtle adjustments to various things," says small business owner Jessica Leroux, a member of one working group. "Anal pedantic type stuff."

The new regulations may be released as early as August 16 or as late as August 20, the first day of formal hearings.

A recording and minutes of each working group meeting will be available via the DOR Amendment 64 website, and the full list of group members can be found here.

We'll have more coverage in the coming weeks as the rule-making continues.

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