At last! A Denver connection to the Tiger Woods scandal (barely)

Given the volume of bimbo eruptions in the Tiger Woods scandal, you had to figure that a Denver link would surface sooner or later -- and today, there is one, kinda.

Porn star Holly Sampson wasn't the first woman to say she bedded Woods, but she may be the earliest to do so publicly -- on a webcast from May on the site that's excerpted in the video above. (Sorry, but the toplessness is blocked in this clip. The Tiger talk begins about ninety seconds in.) And now, she's issued a statement confirming the accuracy of her comments back then -- which include randy details about where, for instance, Tiger orgasmed (in his condom) -- through attorney Andrew J. Contiguglia, who's based in Denver.

Yeah, it's a tenuous connection -- but we were feeling left out. Read the statement below.


Ms. Sampson has authorized the following statement through her attorney concerning Tiger Woods:

The statements made by Holly Sampson in the webcast interview with Naughty America in May of 2009 are truthful, accurate, and without any malicious intent. Holly Sampson has not requested and will not accept any monetary amount for her silence regarding her past relations with Tiger Woods. Holly Sampson confirms that her relationship with Tiger Woods was intimate and that this relationship occurred while Mr. Woods was not married. Holly Sampson will be releasing details of this legitimate relationship.


Andrew J. Contiguglia Attorney at Law