Videos: Shannon Sharpe's NFL Today ouster -- and weird Peyton Manning rumors

Former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe has been shown the door at NFL Today, the CBS Sunday studio show where he's been a mainstay for a decade.

Ex-Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino has also been bounced, but only one person -- newly retired tight-end and record setter Tony Gonzalez -- has been named to fill a seat. That's led to a lot of speculation about who else CBS might hire, with some of the most twisted involving a current Bronco: Peyton Manning.

The cannings don't qualify as unexpected. Back on January 15, The Big Lead published a piece about the possibility of Sharpe (who took a leave from the show in 2010 due to allegations of forced sex that didn't go anywhere) and Marino getting the heave-ho.

Here's the way Sharpe informed Twitter followers about the move after the ax fell:

As for the Peyton Manning connection, it can be traced to The Big Lead item, too. In musing about possible replacements, TBL scribe Jason McIntyre wrote, "The other name to watch is Peyton Manning. While there are no indications that Manning will retire if he wins a second Super Bowl, CBS privately has discussed the idea of pitching Manning a dual role: a spot on the new CBS College Football Saturday set and a spot on The NFL Today. Manning will be immensely coveted by all the networks whenever he retires, and his background in the SEC playing for Tennessee, plus the fact he spent his entire career in the AFC, are no-brainers for CBS."

As we all know, Manning didn't win that Super Bowl, and he's spoken about his eagerness to return to the field next season to give it another try. Yet the Manning-to-NFLToday storyline lives on in pieces like a Yahoo! Sports report. In it, Eric Edholm writes, "The two-for-one switch is interesting. Is there room for another ex-NFLer on the set? For a while last season, it appeared that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan could have been on the chopping block, and perhaps he was one of CBS' main targets. Then again, many believe Peyton Manning would kick off a major broadcasting bidding war once his playing career ends."

Peyton's performance on Super Bowl Sunday may have some disappointed Broncos fans thinking retirement might not be such a bad idea. To that, we offer two words: Brock Osweiler.

Look below for four videos from Sharpe's years on NFL Today: a comic bit featuring fake tears, his take on the Miami Dolphins bullying story, an item about a potential Chad Ochocinco fine and -- our favorite -- a clip that supposedly shows that Shannon is extraordinarily well-endowed. Judge for yourself.

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