Kenny Be's Yard Arteology: Landscape Broncotechture

The study of neighbors through their lawn ornaments...

Figure 36. North Denver: Welcome to the Broncomania District

There are days when it seems that every resident in the city of Denver only owns four different shirts -- one for each of the town's professional sports teams -- and they choose which shirt to wear each day by which team is currently playing a game or doing the best in their respective national standings. Fashion is, of course, for fair-weather fans. True sports fans show their pride through the installation of yard art. If winning is everything in sports, the city-wide competition for front-yard football festoonery is handily won by the residents living north of Colfax Avenue.

The yard pictured in figure 36 perfectly demonstrates the passion of the north-side Broncomaniac. Repeated visits reveal that the inflatable Broncos player and porch banner are installed every game day at exactly one hour before kickoff, and suggest that football has moved beyond entertainment for this household and into the realm of ritual. That the team receives priority placement when hung in conjunction with Halloween decorations hints that sports has become this yard artist's religion. The faded colors of the pennants hanging in the window implies that these are holy objects of veneration and they have hung in the same spot for many seasons. The permanency of the piece pales in comparison to the pole and the pebble...

Look below for more examples of North Denver landscape Broncotechture.