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Ricky Mayber, shmucky bank robber, gets busted -- thanks to his wife

The case of Ricky Mayber was a tough one for our Shmuck of the Week jury. Is he a shmuck because he thought a good way to cover his bills would be to rob a bank? Or because the person who turned him in was his wife?

Hard to say -- but there's no doubt something shmucky was going on.

On August 22, the Boulder Police Department announced the arrest of Mayber, 49, in connection with the robbery of the First National Bank branch, 3033 Iris Avenue, just past noon the previous day.

According to the BPD, folks at the scene said a man later identified as Mayber entered the bank and gave the teller a note demanding cash. He didn't display a weapon, but the teller did as asked and he split with the dough (just over $4,000) shortly thereafter. But he didn't have much time to enjoy his ill-gotten gains. The following afternoon, he was taken into custody during a traffic contact. Police said he'd been targeted after "witnesses" came forward to say they'd recognized him from surveillance photos of the robbery shared by the press.

Now, however, there's reason for us to question whether the word "witnesses" should have been plural. According to the Boulder Daily Camera, cops were tipped to Mayber's identity via a phone call from his wife. Turns out she'd seen the snapshots and recognized as someone very close to her -- although maybe not that close.

A Boulder detective tells the Camera Mayber admitted to snatching the loot during a videotaped interview, explaining that he'd gotten "behind on his bills." Cops also found about two grand in his car, including 23 bills that matched those taken during the robbery.

Can this marriage be saved? If so, it won't be easy, since Mayber is due back in court on November 1 to face two felony charges that could land him in stir for a considerable stretch. Then again, at least his wife won't have to worry about him popping up in the news for a while....

Here's a larger look at Mayber's mug shot.

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