Video: Thirteen year old's shoplifting bust leads to family eviction notice just before Christmas?

'Tis the season for Scrooge stories -- and a report out of Grand Junction was made to order. A GJ mom says she and her three kids are being evicted from their apartment after her thirteen-year-old son shoplifted a pair of shoes from Kmart -- because, he says, his feet were cold; see the video below. But while a building rep says there's more to the story than that, she's not saying what.

The story was first reported by Grand Junction's KJCT on December 7, but it took a few days before working its way east. The station quoted Oran, Tanya Abbey's oldest son, as saying that he nabbed the footwear because "my shoes were getting worn out. It was getting cold and my feet were getting cold.

"I thought it would just affect me," he went on. "I had no idea it would affect my mom or my brother and sister. I feel like if they should be kicking anyone out, it should be me."

As for the Garden Village Apartments, where Abbey and her clan are living, the manager issued a statement that reads, "Any criminal activity on or near the premises is grounds for immediate eviction."

That's pretty cold, too. But now, with Denver outlets such as CBS4 on the case, the bosses at the apartment complex are modifying their commentary. "There's no way we would evict anyone on a minor shoplifting crime," the manager told 9News.

But that doesn't mean Abbey and her offspring have been invited to stay. The manager maintains that other issues are involved in the eviction, but she won't divulge what they are due to what are termed "privacy concerns."

Meanwhile, we're learning Abbey has a criminal record, albeit a fairly minor one -- a 2003 guilty plea for third-degree assault and a 2007 arrest for vehicle theft and DUI.

Will there be a happy ending in time for Christmas? Even Scrooge can't answer that question yet.

Here's a CBS4 report about the incident.

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